Deckon: Turkey’s leader suspended ceiling systems manufacturer and distributor

With a continuous growth from its establishment until today, Deckon promptly expanded its market share in the ceiling sector thanks to its price-performance principle and become one of the largest companies of the sector and accomplished many projects in and outside the country.

It offers a wide range of ceiling solutions and technical solution partnership from the smallest projects to most comprehensive projects or those requiring special expertise.

As part of its product and service areas, it is able to offer suspended ceiling panels and load-bearing systems under its brands DeckonPremium and Deckofix and offer products and services eligible for all kinds of projects and customer requests under the Turkish distributorship of Rockfon, OWA, USG, AMF, Gustafs which are European Companies expert in their fields and serve as a solution partner for all kinds of projects ranging from the most simple to most sophisticated ones. Please click for further information on all Deckon products and services.

Sectoral Solutions

You can view, in details, our solutions offered for many sectors i.e: education, entertainment, industrial, transportation, culture, office, shopping malls, hotels, sports and observe our references and have access to sample projects.

EducationPrimary and secondary schools, high schools and university campuses, designed for education, are areas with many different requirements and where many activities are performed. Detail

EntertainmentThese are buildings offering various entertainment and sports activities ranging from cinemas, theatres, museums to bowling halls to swimming pools. Due to high number of persons available in the area at the same time results in higher expectations from the acoustic solution offered. Detail

IndustrialThe requirements of a ceiling system in the industrial sector mostly depend on the nature of the materials produced and stored in the facility. The requirements of heavy industry facilities differ from for ex. food industry, a workshop or a lumber warehouse. Detail

TransportationWhile designing the ceiling in the areas used for transportation such as airports, subway and train stations, the most fundamental feature that should be considered is that the ceiling should accommodate itself to the mobility in those areas both physically and in terms of design. Detail

CultureThe ceiling should coalesce with the design concept of the architect. The architects are satisfied with different colours, border details, size and construction options. Thus, building-specific design may be applied. Detail

Offices - Shopping Malls - Shops - HotelsIt is most significant, for having direct impact on visual comfort, brain and hormone activities and psychology, that a controlled and well-planned natural light is designed in environments Detail

HealthcareHealthcare buildings are those with differing many requirements and where various forms of activities are performed. For example, it is possible to assign buildings in a healthcare complex into almost 10 different categories. Detail

SportsPhysical trainings and sports such as ball games and swimming etc. contain high level of noise. Talking and outcries during the activities are natural.Detail